Clogged Drains

Common causes of drain clogs are hair, tissue, sanitary wipes, soap, detergent, food scraps, grease buildup and sewage backups.  To protect your drains and the people in your home never use off the shelf chemical drain cleaners, bleach, solvents or any other caustic substances in your drains. These chemicals in your drainage system can cause serious damage to your pipes and are dangerous. Always let us know if you used any chemicals, to protect the person doing the work.

DIY Drain Maintenance Tip

To help prevent backups and clogs in your home, use a strainer at every drain to catch physical debris. To help clear minor clogs, pour a mixture baking soda, vinegar and hot water down your drain.  If neither of these work, its call a Pipe Doctors Plumbing to come clear any clogs before they get worse or you drain system is damaged and requires more extensive repairs.

Benefit of Properly Installed Clean-Outs

If you have properly installed clean-outs in your home, the cost to clear a blockage is much lower and flooding can be prevented.

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